Getting it done

Barriers.  That is the first thing that I think about when trying to work through something.  I recently gained a new supervisor who calls this thinking forward.  You learn not to expect, but to anticipate.  This can lead to anxiety and worry in the processing and planning moments, but in the end you were so (over)prepared that it gives you a sense of peace and calm when everything comes together.  Perhaps you are good at what you are doing and your confidence sky rockets.

Then there is crisis mode…..well let’s talk about this.  These situations usually arise from a high stakes, high pressure, low amount of time situation.  There are several ways that people react to these; some need processing time, some shut down, and others need to keep moving.  No matter what, the focus is always going to be on one thing: a solution.  you always need to get it done even if it is tearing you apart.  In the human service world, many people talk about self care.  People literally need to take care of themselves.  You will in the end accomplish almost nothing if you are only ever working to better others and get things done for them.

Here is the deal. You need to help yourself before helping others.  AKA please put your oxygen masks on before assisting others.  You cannot survive on fumes.  So yes it is important to accomplish your goals at work and in your relationships, but what are your goals for yourself!  What do you want in this year, this month, this week, TODAY!  You are not required to set yourself on firm to keep others warm.  Be a giver, but remember that in order to have something to give you need to refuel every once in awhile.  You need to get things done for yourself.  People who love you want you to be happy.  Anyway who gets in the way of your happiness has got to go….see ya!

To follow are some simple self care ideas: do a yoga sequence, breathe, have your favorite kind of tea, read, take a walk, create a vision board to keep yourself focused, exercise, just sit.

Enjoy your life and don’t just give it away to anyone.


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