I have too much drive and focus and yes even work ethic for someone as young as myself **happy to open any disputes regarding the work ethic of millennials, generation x or z.  All of these things add up to the necessity for one thing in my particularly young life.  Distraction.  I enjoy the things that I have in my life; job(s), place to live, friends, adventure.  However, there remain moments of intense uncertainty, doubt, loss, and loneliness.  That is when this very important part of life comes up.  The dark times of night, the silence surrounding you on a horrible day, immediately after a fight with someone you love.  You run.  We all do it, but we all do the after part much differently.

I have chosen to not let the distraction step of life be the final step because if you remain in your period of distraction you will only continue to be uncertain, doubtful, feel loss, or be lonely.  You need to find a way to break your own cycle.  How many times have we all heard, I almost don’t want to say it,mind over matter or if you want to change it change the way you think about it.  These are all true though.  It is fine to let your distraction pull you through your negative mindset as long as you get to the end of the tunnel or even if it makes you strong enough to hang a light in the tunnel.  Get to the light, change the way you see your situation in the moments that make you feel the weakest.

Here is the breaking news! You are so much stronger than you think.  Take whatever you need to realize this about yourself and after you let yourself be distracted for a minute, de-stress and get ready to be awesome.  Figure out exactly what will make you happy!  I do not mean happy living in a distraction like a mate of some sort or some luxury item, but think about what will make you truly happy.  Find the perfect adventure, volunteer opportunity, write, dance, sing, make a movie, play dress up, bake for fun, do WHATEVER YOU WANT! People do not even need to know why you do these things, it can be just for you and if they ask why you are doing that, you can blame me ‘it was just something I saw on the internet.’

Moment of truth: All of this was inspired by the great Elizabeth Gilbert and her book Big Magic.  You just need to decide that this greatness, this awesomeness, this youness is purely inside of you.  All you need to do is be open to letting it out and unafraid of the results.  The best way to do that is to do these things for yourself and not for the praise or happiness of others.  When you place your happiness or faith in the thoughts, words, or approval of others you will place yourself back in the cycle to be let down or unhappy and when they leave you there you will feel uncertain and alone.  So release yourself!  You can do it!  As someone who does not know you, but truly believes in you, I release you!  I believe that everyone is capable of making their move and even if its the wrong one at least you never have to wonder ever again and you can move onto the next great thing you will do.  Then someday when you are looking back on your life you will see how great even your ‘failures’ were and I put that in quotes because are they failures or are they experiences, learning opportunities, and unique journey.  See what I did there? ; )


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