For those who think that what once seemed impossible is possible and in honor of Game 7:

Once upon a time there lived a young man.

He grew up to be a giant but didn’t understand

the height he grew to established him for something great.

This man learned to fly and stuff his haters at an amazing rate.

He wandered into a place with a lot of hope but little action

and almost immediately got everyone’s attention.

He showed this place what a hero would look like

even bringing up memories because he seemed like a previous hero named Mike.

The man was loved and adored as he continued to soar

but then decided it wasn’t enough and the Land seemed like a chore.

He wandered away for many years

this causing ever more tears.

However, even with all his success he felt unfulfilled

due to a promise his move had killed.

So he made his return to what now seemed like a land without hope

some were still skeptical while others started to cope.

When he returned he was greeted by some familiar friends

and the whole group including the Land started to mend.

Though it took a few years everyone once again started to believe

as their hero took them to places they once couldn’t conceive.

But this promise, it still rang in everyone’s head,

in comes the best crew to assist and they never fled!

Despite the fact that it would take time until together they were strong

they worked and worked so that finally the believers would not be wrong.

This gang of the best continually proved their worth

many noticed and came to challenge them from all around the Earth.

As they crossed a distant bridge they could clearly see

another great group already coming across the sea.

Each put up a good fight but in the end only one could be the best,

at the final moment there could only stand one above the rest.

Finally, it was clear that this man and his team were pushed by something more

For those who believed in the Land it was time to even the score.


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