It just blooms…

We all have a competitive side.  Some more than others. But what if we could move beyond that?  What if instead of always trying to be the best or outshine someone else, we boosted each other higher?  What if we all just did our best and tried to help other people be their best instead of placing shade on others?

When I started using Pinterest I found a quote that states that a flower does not compete with the one next to it, it just blooms.  I grasped what this meant on the surface until I recently came across another quote that helped me realize the deeper meaning of this.


Now I understand that flowers are objects that grow without emotion or mode of communication.  However, as the quote above from the movie Coach Carter demonstrates, it is the presence of the others that help us to truly embrace our own light.  We need to give other people permission to shine not cower under each other and make others feel inferior.

Though it seems repetitive and mundane, be yourself may be the best advice you will ever receive.  There is no need to compare yourself to another person, you need to be an original not a copy.  However, you also need to lend your talents and gifts when necessary to help others to shine.  Give yourself permission and then radiate that for the people around you!




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