The Love That Surrounds You

Valentine’s Day.  This phenomenon of ‘love’ determines a lot of things every year on February 14th.  Many people are over the moon so to speak because they have that special someone who cares enough to put some effort into this particular day.  Others, may question how they feel about their significant other because of the lack luster presentation.

Maybe its time for people to realize a couple of things.  One: February 14th is just another day in February.  Commercialism is what has brought Valentine’s Day up to the drastic level that it has reached.  If you absolutely cannot just move through the 14th as just another day, than I have another proposition for you.

Look at all the love that does surround you rather than the love you are missing.  Maybe you don’t have a special someone in your life, or maybe they do not see the value of this day the same way you do, but that does not mean you need to give up on love and the love you do receive.

Yesterday, instead of being sad about love lost, I looked at all the love I received.  A road trip with my best friend, parents and grandparents with cards and calls, Galentine’s celebrations with people I am lucky to call friends, my sister hosting me this weekend and giving me the life advice of always leaving the house looking good you never know who you will see.  All of these things look simple, but add up to something great-Love.  So maybe I didn’t have someone specific to call my Valentine, but I was lucky enough to call many different people my Valentine this year and that makes me think I won.

Here is my advice to find love outside of one person whether on Valentine’s Day or not:

  1. Make a list of the people you love and specific ways you show each other love
  2. Make another list of things you love!
  3. Now go find those people and do those things with them!  Talk, watch a show or a movie, go out and have an adventure, make a game, play a game, do an interpretive dance, do whatever brings you joy!
  4. The people you love are unavailable: go do one of the things you love BY YOURSELF! I know this can be scary, but you need to give yourself some time to learn what being alone feels like.  Find yourself a moment (Also everyone should go see How to be Single)

No matter what, do not forget about all the love that surrounds you instead of looking at the love that doesn’t.  happy


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