Recently I finished a book recommended to me by my supervisor.  Its an important book for anyone who is looking for something that is bigger than themselves.  Start with Why is a book by Simon Sinek who I personally now think is a genius.  He really helped me to see that inspiring people is not about persuading or getting people to think the same why you do, but rather wholeheartedly believing in something so much that you inspire.  Just to get a taste of this book, I have placed the corresponding ted talk below.

It seems that finding your why is easier said than done and it does not always necessarily mean that you will become as successful as Steve Jobs or as influential as Martin Luther King Jr., but it will greatly improve your life.

So get out there and be inspired.  At the end of the book, it says that we should pass on the book to someone we would like to inspire so I hope just one person out there reads this great book after finding the post.  Find something that inspires you and never let it go!



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